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Find A Great CAM isn’t just here to serve community associations. It’s an environment for Great CAMs to earn business and for developing CAMs to hone their skills. Put simply, it’s about bettering this industry for all of us.

Go on, have a read through our Great CAM checklist below. If you’re nodding along, this site is going to be great for you.

The Great CAM Checklist

  • Are you at the top of your game?
  • Do you do the extra work to make yourself a true professional?
  • Are you on the same compensation plan as the 31-Minute CAMs in your company?
  • Have you ever brought new business into the company in the past?
  • Are you worth more money than a 31-Minute CAM?

Yes, yes and yes?

Time to take our test and get rewarded for that winning attitude and work ethic. Let your management company see what an asset you are to their marketing efforts. Control your own future.

Hang on, what will this test do for me?

Whether you’re already in the Great CAM camp or you see yourself as an “aspiring Great CAM,” this test is well worth taking.

If you have taken the time to truly learn this business, you will likely be scored highly – positioning yourself as a sought-after prospect to our informed and educated client base as well as other management companies. Win.

If the test shows some weaknesses, we see that as a win too. We’ve got a ton of resources to help you study up and reach a better score. Plus, those gaps in knowledge may be the little things holding you back from nailing it in the industry.

So come on, why not prove your worth, and write your own ticket with clients and your company? Once you have taken the test you will have access to your own account page and may personalize it to show the world who you are and what you can do.

You can read about CAM tests.

You can schedule a test right here.

Share Your Knowledge — Make $100

While we have a lot of great experience and knowledge to draw upon from our own staff and industry consultants, we also recognize that working CAMs in the field everyday have many great ideas and solutions that might benefit the industry.

So, we have created the CAM Best Management Practices Group where we ask our active CAMs to share their great ideas and best management practices. If we use your idea or suggestion in our training, we may ask you to present it to other CAM’s across the state via a video clip as well as pay you a $100 bonus!

In addition, we will add a BMP Contributor badge to your profile page to let community associations know of your accomplishment. Email your ideas to