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The ProblemThe Problem


Problem #1

Florida’s community housing industry is booming; with new housing starts increasing up to 30% each year, we’re seeing a massive increase in demand for CAMs. This is good for less motivated CAMs with limited training – who are now finding work at management companies – but grim for community associations who are now more likely to be assigned a sub-par manager. Small associations with smaller contracts are being especially hard hit.

The good news? We’re here to change that.

Problem #2

Have you met a 31-Minute CAM? Sadly, the answer is probably yes. A 31-Minute CAM is a term we’ve coined for managers who are doing the bare minimum to keep their license – just 31 minutes a month of continuing education. With our emphasis on training courses, ongoing education, and hiring transparency (so you can see how adept potential managers are), we’re dedicated to turning this around. No more 31-Minute CAMs and much more Board confidence.

Problem #3

Surely you should get the chance to properly meet your prospective manager before you hire them, right? We are not here to introduce you to salespeople or “business development” professionals. We are here to give you the chance to research, analyze and interview prospective CAMs before you hire.

Our philosophy:
Never sign a contract with a management company without in-depth information and an interview with the prospective manager. We believe the process works best when you first source the CAM instead of the management company.