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An Unbeatable Resource for Board MembersAn Unbeatable Resource for Board Members



Our free service in a nutshell

Find a Great CAM lets you search for a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM) quickly, directly, and simply. Think more choice, more background information on potential CAMs, and less messing around with management companies. Find someone within your current company or somewhere new. It’s total hiring freedom -- for free.

How we make sure you Find a Great CAM

We want you to really know your CAM before you contract with their company. As you search our site, you’ll see in-depth backgrounds on potential managers’ training, experience, and competency – all verified by our professionally verified testing regime (FCCAT). Combine this with interviewing the most impressive managers, and you’ll be making a truly informed decision -- not taking a gamble.

It doesn’t stop with making the hiring process transparent; we want there to be more Great CAMs for you to choose from. If our testing highlights some weaknesses in a CAM’s skills, we’ll give them the resources to improve. This means more, great CAMs in the pool to choose from and no subpar CAMs slipping through your net.

As for management companies? They’re nowhere near as stringent in their testing, nor as transparent with you on potential candidates. Florida’s community housing boom has created a mass demand for CAMs, which has sadly led to management companies accepting unimpressive managers. Managers who likely won’t deliver for your community.

In our eyes, starting your search with a management company is putting too much to chance. So why not be sure with Find a Great CAM?

Breaking the manager mold

This is a new way of doing things, and we’re proud of that. We’re different, or as some in the management industry might say, “disruptive.” The thing is though, we think this industry was well in need of a shake-up. Community association Boards shouldn’t have to take what they’re given from their management company. We’re about choice, quality, and transparency. Call it a revolution if you will, but we’re calling it a common-sense movement. We’d love to have you on board!

What if you’re happy with your current manager?

If you have a Great CAM currently, first off – well done! That’s what we’re all about. But it’s always smart to safeguard yourself for the future. Maybe your manager leaves their current company? Maybe you’re just no longer so happy with their services?

Keep in mind, if your manager leaves your current company, with our Addendum below you can go with them. If you don’t wish to change management companies, then you can use our search process to look at other manager in your current company.

We have a simple solution. Insist on having this legal addendum added to your management contract as soon as possible. It’s a great way to make sure you always have a Great CAM.

Management Contract Addendum and Cover Letter